About Us

The Four founder of The Artistry of Many: Carly Hopgood, Sandra McNair, Jill Laird and Jacqueline Griffin

We are a collective of artisan creators who collaborated because we believe together we can create something special. Creativity is not a scarce resource to be jealously guarded, but rather a source of inspiration to be shared and boosted through community.

The inspiration for our design comes from starlings who "murmurate" in a captivating way. Murmuration is flying together in formation, showing they are stronger as a collective, while magnifying the beauty of the individuals. The birds themselves are small, but together they create something beautiful.

Our four founding members are all from vastly different backgrounds and found commonality as working mums living in the Hawkes Bay. We all needed to use the 2020 magic word "pivot", when COVID-19 changed our individual circumstances and helped us see what brings us joy. Lockdown showed us each individually that we needed to find a real-world outlet for our creativity.